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e-shot™is a Forfront product.



Let us give your email a full examination


Benchmark your email campaign against regional or industry statistics, and understand your deliverability

A comprehensive review of your most recent email campaign

We offer a free email deliverability review service, to analyse and share advice on your latest email campaign, whether you are an e-shot™ customer or not. Our best practice advice and series of more than 40 checks will give you a report of areas to address, potential improvements and things to consider for future emails.

We will check all aspects of your email from technical deliverabilty considerations through to design and rendering across the most prevalent email clients. Our expert team will talk you through every aspect contributing to the success of your email, giving you actionable insights and increased success.

Content and vocabulary

Our expert team will talk you through every aspect contributing to the success of your email, giving you actionable insights.

The advanced vocabulary feature will identify words of concern and suggest alternatives for improved deliverability.

Beyond the click

Opens are great, but clicks are better.  We will also look at the subsequent action on each of your links to ensure everything is optimal to convert attention into interestWe will also be able to advise you on any real time blacklisting or whitelisting which might be affecting your results, as our link review will travel 6 links deep.


What do I have to do?

Simply click the button to complete the form and send your most recent message to Our team will get back to you with a personalised series of suggestions for possible updates.


See how your email renders across the most popular email clients.

Review your email design across more than 40 clients

We will check that your email renders properly across more than 40 email clients, including both desktop and mobile variants.

We will share these results with you, so you can see for yourself what all your contacts are seeing when they open and try to interact with your emails. This will help you build and optimise the experience for all your database.

If you have statistics on your audiences client usage we can focus on those areas first to ensure that your feedback is as actionable as possible.


Let us give your email a full examination


Understand the technical aspects that affect your deliverability

Infrastructure issues

Ensure your infrastructure is compliant with deliverability advancements by testing MTA toxicity, forward/reverse DNS validation and ensure SPF records are correct. Whilst the DMARC tool can provide awareness of brand domain name abuse.  

First impressions

Who is your email from and what’s it about? Before we get to any design elements, we look at how your campaign is presented in the subject line, the sender address and the supporting text – the three things that will have the most profound effect on your campaign performance.


Design and build

We will review the build of your email to ensure that there is no stray html which might be affecting deliverability and the send.

We will also review your content and share best practice including the "F" in email to ensure that your most valuable messages are in the most prominent position.

How our email healthcheck consultation can help you