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The Headspace Survey explores various aspects of communication and marketing. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

Who Responded? We've gathered responses from various sectors and levels of seniority. This diverse pool of respondents provides a broad perspective on the topics at hand.

Channel Spread: We've analysed the use of different communication channels across sectors. Are organisations spreading themselves too thin, or are they focusing on key areas?

Channel Efficacy: Not all channels are created equal. Our survey reveals which ones are the most effective.

Evaluation: We've compared data across local government, central government, and blue light sectors.

Key Messages: 
The survey results have led us to some important conclusions about time management, the importance of communication, and the perception of cost and value.

What is in the survey?

Get the Insights from the Headspace Survey

We've embarked on an exciting journey to explore the current landscape of communication and marketing, and we're thrilled to share our findings with you. 

Our survey delves into the practices, challenges, and innovations in the field, providing valuable insights that can help shape your strategies and decisions. Whether you're a manager, a director, or an officer, these insights can empower you to navigate the dynamic world of communication and marketing more effectively. 

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